RMK’s main customers include companies engaged in the processing and exporting of timber. The majority of Estonia’s sawmills and exporters buy their logs and pulpwood, respectively, from RMK. Pulpwood is also bought by the only local processors, at Kehra and Kunda. Apart from them, customers include pellet, charcoal and board producers, and energy generators who use firewood in their production. Wood chips are bought by heat and electricity generators. To a lesser extent, firewood is bought by private individuals. Companies purchasing felled timber on an on-going basis number approximately 150, with the number of legal entities totalling more than 300 a year. Buyers of firewood who are private individuals number approximately 700 a year.

Based on sales volumes, RMK’s 10 biggest customers in 2013 included Stora Enso Eesti AS, Horizon Tselluloosi ja Paberi AS, Estonian Cell AS, Metsä Forest Eesti AS, Repo Vabrikud AS, Toftan AS, Södra Eesti AS, Viiratsi Saeveski AS, Laesti AS ja Lignator Logistika OÜ.“

RMK’s objective is to produce quality timber for its customers and to deliver it at the time requested by the buyer.