30.10.2007 - RMK to open three cross-country areas in Harju County 29.09

The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) will open on 30 October three cross-country areas in Harju County that are specially marked in nature with the objective of preventing possible damage to the environment and the possessor of the land resulting from the use of all-terrain vehicles and to ensure traffic safety.

All cross-country areas are located in regions of lesser value in terms of forest management and on the basis of previous checking there are no valuable assets in terms of nature conservation. The first area to be opened is Padise cross-country area in Padise Rural Municipality, followed by the Mustjõe cross-country area in Anija Rural Municipality and finally the Aru cross-country area in Kuusalu Rural Municipality.
“Considering how many various all-terrain vehicles there are in Estonia, we certainly need such areas and this is also one possible method for the recreational use of the forest,” said Toomas Väät, Environmental Manager of RMK Forest Management.

Provisionally, the possibilities for cross-country driving are divided into two: cross-country areas and cross-country tracks. In nature, the cross-country areas are determined with circle borders and people can drive around anywhere within these borders. Cross-country tracks are marked tracks with a specific direction. In case of possible environmental damage or danger thereof due to excessive use of the areas, RMK will retain the right to establish restrictions or prohibit activities therein without prior notice. In case damage is caused, the person using the source that caused the damage, regardless of the person’s fault, shall be responsible for the damage.

“Opening the cross-country areas and tracks is certainly a big step forward for RMK. In this manner, through their organisation and by increasing peoples’ awareness, we can unite technology and the sustainable use of nature,” said Mait Mumme, Chairman of the 4x4 sub-committee of the Estonian Autosport Union.

RMK is a profit-making state agency established under the Forest Act and its main task is the sustainable and effective management of the state forest. RMK grows forest regeneration material, organises work in the woods and the sale of timber, and takes care of game. In addition, RMK creates possibilities for recreation in the rest areas in the forest and shapes nature awareness. RMK manages 38% of the forests in Estonia. Since 2002 RMK has held the ISO 14001 certificate and sustainable forest management certificate (FSC). For the first time in Estonia, RMK received an extension of the FSC certificate until 2012.

Additional information about cross-country areas is available on the RMK website www.rmk.ee/en (Recreation in state forests, RMK cross-country areas and tracks).

Additional information:

Toomas Väät
Environmental Manager of RMK Forest Management
Tel +372 520 5734
E-mail toomas.vaatrmk.ee

Mait Mumme
4X4 sub-committee of Estonian Autosport Union
Tel +372 506 9842
E-mail mait.mumme@europart.ee