Terms and Conditions of Data Protection

State Forest Management Centre (RMK) is the processor of personal data. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

RMK processes personal data in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the performance of the tasks specified in the Forest Act and the Statutes of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

RMK primarily processes the data provided to RMK by the persons themselves. In the fulfilment of the public task assigned to RMK by the Forest Act, RMK shall forward notices to the person’s contact data entered in the population register or shall contact the person to specify the contact details.

RMK transfers personal data to other persons or bodies that possess a statutory right to claim them (e.g. investigative institution, nonjudicial proceeding or court), including auditors and service providers that offer RMK applications, data processing, IT services, and legal services.

RMK may authorise other persons or bodies to process personal data, provided that such a processor has a contract under which the processor, in the processing of data, is obliged to comply with all applicable legislation and keep the personal data, coming to its knowledge, confidential.

RMK is obliged to publish the information specified in the Public Information Act, the Forest Act and other acts on its website and in the public document registers.

RMK implements a restriction on access to contracts and correspondence with natural persons (hereinafter persons), which means that the document data in a document register is public, but the content of the document with the personal data is not.

If desired, restricted documents can be accessed by submitting a request for information to RMK. When issuing a document with restricted access, RMK shall remove personal data and other privacy information from it. RMK shall only issue restricted documents in full to those persons or bodies that have a statutory right to claim them.

Personal data is disclosed to only those persons or bodies that possess a statutory right to claim them. The natural person has the right of access to the personal data being processed, the right to rectification of inaccurate personal data, the right to erasure of personal data and the right to the withdrawal of consent to data processing.

Retention of documents:

  • Generally, RMK retains contracts with natural persons and accounting documents according to the Accounting Act for seven years.
  • RMK retains contracts related to state assets (transfer, acquisition and grant of use of state assets) permanently.
  • RMK retains the correspondence for five years.

When the retention period is complete, documents shall be destroyed.

These explanations do not concern the retention of data of legal persons and other bodies. These terms and conditions also do not include the processing of personal data on other websites, referred to on the RMK website (external links)

Data Protection Specialist for RMK can be reached via andmekaitse@rmk.ee