Background of Estonian and Latvian heritage culture objects databases

Inventory is conducted with the help of Estonia-Latvia programme in the frame of "Unknown heritage culture values in common natural and cultural space" project. Project lead partner is State Forest Management Centre, cross-border cooperation partners are State Forest Service and NPA North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve Administration from Latvia. During the project, the heritage culture of Võru and Valga counties in Estonia was mapped in 2009, and in 2010, the same was done in Põlva and Tartu counties; in Latvia, the regions of Valka, Limbaži, Valmiera and Alūksne were mapped. In Estonia, 9100 new heritage culture objects were added to the database developed with the support of the co-operation programme. Information on more than 17,000 heritage culture objects can be found in the Latvian database.

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Andmebaasi kasutades toimi järgmiselt / While using database act as follows:


   Estonian database....

   1.  Choose the language at the top right of the screen ENG
   2.  Zoom in the area you are interested in

   3. Choose 'information inquiry' button above the map view, click on object. Object data will
       be disabled on the table.


   Latvian database....

  1. Zoom in the area you are interested in.
  2. In the centre of map view, choose the 'middle' search button and form appeared help board on right side, 'search on map' button. Click on object. Object data will be displayed in table format.
  3. It is also possible to search objects by area and/or object type using drop-down menus on the right side.
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