Order the Firewood

The filling of firewood purchase orders is postponed until the end of traffic restrictions for heavy duty vehicles, due to the spring road degradation period. The filling of purchase orders submitted in April and May begins in June. RMK is accepting orders for firewood of 10 m³ and 24 m³. Firewood can be ordered by private persons, apartment associations, government departments, and non-profit organisations, provided that the ordered volume does not exceed 50 m³ per year. If the above mentioned interested buyers wish to purchase more, they must participate in the auctions organised by RMK, on equal grounds with all other interested buyers; a notice of such auctions will be published in the sales calendar.

Firewood type

Price (1 m³ * price inclusive of value-added tax)

delivery distance up to 50 km

10 m³

24 m³

Firewood from deciduous tree

42,36 €/m³32,52 €/m³
Firewood from conifer trees
 44,76 €/m³
34,92 €/m³

* m³ is one cubic metre of forest material without air gaps.
To purchase firewood, enter your order into the firewood order form or call 676 7676 from 09.00. to 16.00 on working days. As a new option, you can pay for the firewood in instalments over a period of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. To read the terms and conditions for paying in instalments and to submit an application, click here.
After you place an order, we will specify the access to the place of delivery and then notify you of the potential delivery time, which depends on the existence of and demand for firewood.
The firewood must be paid for by a bank transfer made on the basis of the RMK sales offer. No cash settlements. In the explanation box on the payment order, please mark the name of the person placing the order and the number of the sales offer. After your payment has been received, you will be contacted to specify the date of delivery.
The amount of delivered firewood is determined based on the RMK stack material standard. The permissible deviation between the amount paid for based on the sales offer and the amount delivered on a truck is ± 1%.


1. Please bear in mind that the firewood will be delivered by an ordinary logging truck equipped with a hoist (length up to 18.75 m and height up to 4 m), and there must be enough room in the delivery place for a large truck to move and unload the firewood.

2. Firewood purchase orders are not accepted for areas within the borders of cities and towns, and areas of small towns and villages that have clearly definable compact housing as well as areas beside the streets used by cars, and by the roads and areas with overhead transmission lines.

3. If it is not possible to unload the firewood in the desired place or the representative of the person who placed the order is not present at the place of delivery at the agreed upon time, the truck will return the firewood to the RMK warehouse. We will deduct double transport costs from the sum paid in advance, and the remainder of the sum will be refunded.